Dog obedience training may be considered as an art in reality. Yes. This is true!!! You may not accept in general but this can be proved with more evidences. Dog obedience training methods are given more regards during the owning or dogs for whatever purpose.

Dogs may not understand our verbal commands for the obedience at the start. Hence, the dogs need to be assisted in some ways for the learning of the obedience commands. Dog obedience training technique often involves usage of some important verbal commands.

For example, the command of ‘Come’ needs to be taught in an intellectual manner, during the dog obedience training. For this, though may techniques are revealed, the one using the cord or leash will be of a simple one and can be practiced easily.

To teach the obedience command associating the word ‘Come’, one has to simply tie up the leash or the cord to the neck collar of the puppy. During the dog obedience training, whenever, you use the word ‘Come’, just pull the leash or cord.

Now, the dog will come nearer to you. Please mind that whenever the dog is getting distracted as in case of playing with another dog. In such times, avoid dog obedience training.

This is because if the dog obedience training method if adapted at these times, the dog will not obey or show any learning efforts delivered during the dog obedience training.

Hence, only during the periods where the dog is not having any sort of distraction, have the dog obedience training techniques.

If the dog is not subjected to the dog obedience training, then the dog may become a nuisance rather than a companion animal to you. Hope, I am correct and you too will agree on this.

Hence, always go for the dog obedience training with patience and consistency in teaching and understand about your dog first. This will change even a bad dog into a good one. For this first you too start to think on how a dog thinks and learn!!

Then adapt the suitable dog obedience training methods. For example, once the dog obeys your verbal command; initially try to give a treat to the dog by awarding some tasty biscuits that are highly preferred by the dog.

Hence, by offering of suitable rewards during dog obedience training, the dog is made happy during the undergoing of the expected activity to verbal commands. Hence, dog obedience training is most important one, during the rearing of puppy.