Dog training collar is the one that is of great help to handle the pet dogs and many people choose different types of collar for their dogs. Some may even prefer the dog training collars that are highly reflective in nature.

Hence, when the dogs are running in darkness, the dogs can be easily seen by anybody. Further, the bright colored dog training collar is sold to a greater extent to the dog lovers. Many dog breeders too are willing to get such dog training collar.

Shock Collars

Certain dog owners prefer the shock collars, which are not much wanted by many persons who have dogs.

Pinch Collars

Pinch collars or Prong collars are used some times and the usage of such collars has saved many dogs and it needs only less energy during the usage of such collars.Pinch collars when used correctly are great for adult dogs of any size.

This collar is more humane for dog’s that take many corrections because one correction will solve the problem versus 10 corrections (or more) on a nylon or chain choke.

Buckle collars

The usage of buckle type of collar needs more energy than the pinch collars. However, one needs to be wise enough to select the suitable dog training collar to their dogs.

The dog training collars with tapered ends provide easy attachment facilities with buckles. However, the care is to be taken to avoid any buckle based injuries on the skin of the dog owned by the dog lovers.

Electronic collars

Electronic collars are available with many pet shops. However, it is said that they can be used as a last resort for the off leash training and the behavior modification. The electronic collars are humane in their functioning and perhaps, these collars save life.

Bark Collars

Dog barking training collar is the another dog training collar useful to stop the barking from the nuisance causing dogs. Correction is based on the movement of the dog’s vocal cords.

However, these collars may be removed if the dog owners approach the appropriate canine behaviorists to correct the frequent barking.

Excellent dog training collar is available now a day and the collars are made up of leather or nylon materials. The double spring provided in some buckle type of training collar is of useful in immediate detachment when it is required.

Precision side release buckles are available with many types of collars. These collars however should not harm the animal in general. Frequently check up the durability of these collars and if needed, change the dog training collar.

What ever be the type of dog training collar, the collar needs to be of durable, cheap but at the same time trust worthy for the handlers. Many pet shops have different types of such collars. You have to understand the merits and demerits of each dog training collar before purchasing the same.