Potty training dog is an important feature in the dog training. Dog Potty training needs to be carried out in a systematic manner, if not the dog may have the defecation and urination behavior in wrong way and may be disliked for that type of behavior.

Always feed the puppies frequently and once the dog becomes adult, two or three times feeding may be maintained.

Every time when you take the dog out, you are supposed to use the same word for usage of specific spot for potty training.

Dog is one of the wonderful creatures that will learn quickly. Potty training dog will be more successful if a person is adapting suitable methods for it. For example, you need to avoid the distractions before taking the animal to potty.

Similarly, if you want to potty the dog in particular place only, then, always it is better to place a leash on dog and lead it. Hence, if the dog has any distractions, simply pulling the leash may divert it. Always walk along the leash while you are potty training dog.

Potty training dog also further needs to use simple commands. For example, few persons may use the simple command of ‘Go for potty’ and this command makes the animal to go for defecation.

Similarly, the word “ Go poop’ may make the dog to go for urination activity. These commands should not be changed once you start using these commands. Hence, the dog may not get confused in understanding the features of potty training dog.

When your dog is going for the potty, just appraise the act by saying good potty or Hurry up. Don’t praise the act after the performing of that act.

Do you understand? Yes!!! These facts related to the potty training dog are the simple facts but many fail to follow it up. The persons offering such training need to be more informative.

During the potty training dog, many methods can be followed up. One such technique is the usage of bells. If the dog goes out for potty, it should cross the door with bell and the ringing sound by the bell is soon associated with the dog going for potty.

Hence, once days pass on, the dog learns that when it wants to go for potty, it should attempt to cross the door with bell and the bell sound soon indicates that the dog is ready for potty. This potty training dog is another feature to be exercised by dog owners.