Dog health symptoms are better known to the owners than the others. As the owners see the dog daily, they will know the quantity of the food consumed, the exercise done and rest taken by the dog. The owners must be aware of the dog health symptoms. So when they spot any such symptoms, owners can certainly suspect that it could be the warning sign of the illness.

There are certain viral infections such as adenovirus, parvo, corona, rabies and distemper which can be prevented by vaccination. But there are many illnesses that cannot be prevented by the vaccination. In such situations dog health symptoms must be watched very carefully so as to treat the condition early.

One may be find it difficult to understand the dog health symptoms. Here are the guidelines to understand the same. In general most of the healthy dogs will certainly share these signs.


The eyes of the dog can be looked for. The eyes will be bright and clear in health dogs. The skin of the dog will be clear and free from wrinkles. The coat will be glossy and full. The nose will be dry and will be free from any kind of discharges. These are the major health symptoms.

The weight of the dog will be in accordance to the standards. The eating habit of the dog will be normal and the appetite will be healthy. The dog will look energetic. The movement of the dog will be brisk and alert. There will not be any kind of discomfort in the movement of the dog. The temperature of the dog will be normal. The normal temperature will be 100-101 degree Fahrenheit. The personality and the attitude of the dog will be positive.

The symptoms that suggest that the dog is unwell can be different. Some are emotional. Some are behavioral. Some are physical. But these symptoms must be understood as quickly as possible. The reason is the problem can be cured easily if detected early. In case the early signs are ignored the milder problem could snowball in to serious life threatening problem.

Early Signs of Sickness

The dog will be off feed. There will be drastic reduction in the food consumption, at least. Increased consumption of water may well suggest something wrong with the body. There will be reduced energy level. There can be pain in some parts of the body. There will be sudden change in the attitude and personality of the dog.

As bottom line, the health symptoms of dog includes eye health, coat health and body weight. Body weight of the dog will show lack of interest in normal activities. The coat of the dog will look dull and brittle. Irritation and rashes in the skin can be an important dog health symptom. The eyes of the dog will be cloudy. There will be discharge from the nose and the eyes. Gradual loss of weight may be considered as an essential dog health symptom.