Heart diseases in dog are very common. Some dogs are born with congenital abnormality of heart while some other dogs develop heart problems during the old age or adulthood. As you all know the heart is the organ that pumps the blood to all parts of the body. The vital oxygen is carried through the blood to each and every organ of the body. In case the heart function is not normal or optimal, the organs and the body tissues will not receive the oxygen required by them. This condition is termed as heart failure. Let us discuss heart diseases in dog here.

There are many ways to diagnose the heart diseases in dogs. The most popular electro cardiogram [ECG] is the one and the cardiac ultra sound is the other. These equipments have made the diagnosis of the heart disease much easy. Most of the heart diseases can be managed well if detected early. Regular visit to the vet will help to diagnose the heart diseases in early stages which can be the difference between the life and death of the dog.

Dog owners must be aware that their loved animal is susceptible to various heart diseases just like the human beings. As per the statistics 3.2 million dogs in United States have some form of heart disease in a year. This statistical figure will explain how common the heart diseases in dog.

As far as the congenital anomaly is concerned PDA and ductus arterieoses are the most common ones. The ducts which needs to be closed, if not, the blood will then be pushed back to through the heart instead of flowing through out the body. The dog will then be showing symptoms such as increased breathing, coughing, poor exercise tolerance etc. The dog may even collapse during the exercise. The best solution is surgery which is well tolerated and is successful in most cases.

Generally the pet owners do not take their pets to the veterinarian until the pets are showing the signs of severe heart failure. But this may be too late in most cases. The best way is that the dogs must be taken to the veterinarians for routine checks-ups. This will enable the veterinarian to detect the heart disease in dog, if there is any, at early stages.

Two very common type of heart problems are there. In one, the hearts valve of the dog looses its ability to close thus resulting in abnormal flow of blood. In the other the walls of the heart becomes thin and weak. The dogs with heart problem are very inactive thus putting on more weight. Obesity can further harm the dog and can turn the mild heart problem to a serious heart problem.

Healthy diet, healthy diet and proper exercise from the puppy stage will prevent heart diseases in dogs; there is no doubt about this. Hence it is the duty of the pet owner to provide all these to their beloved animals. By doing this the heart diseases in dog is prevented.