Recently, dog health diagnosis assumes paramount importance. The dogs will fall sick some times in their life times, which is quite natural. There are many problems like allergies, parasites, food problems; infections etc that can affect the health of the dog. These problems need to be diagnosed faster to get the dog out of the problem and to avoid further complications. Here is little information about the dog health diagnosis.

Not all the dogs are kept in doors. In reality most of the dogs are kept out doors, preferably in the backyard. These dogs are vulnerable to tick, flea, and stings problem.

One should know to diagnose these problems, because these problems can lead to dangerous Lyme disease. The symptoms that suggest the possibility of Lyme disease are lymph node swellings, loss of appetite, inactivity, dehydration etc. The diagnosis of course can be confirmed only after the blood test.

The flea and tick infestation can be diagnosed at home with ease. The dogs can’t resist itching and can be seen scratching the body.

Some dogs can show severe symptoms such as loss of hair, skin inflammation and skin infection, if they are sensitive to flea attack. The dog must be examined under the belly, furry areas and other dark parts of the body to diagnose flea and tick infestation.

Dogs are susceptible to skin infection too. Skin infection diagnosis is not all that easy. The skin infection can be due to bacteria, fungus, parasite and/or allergy. The diagnosis requires veterinary help and lab test.

Arthritis in dogs

Arthritis identification is very important as far as dog health diagnosis is concerned. Arthritis problem is very common in old dogs. Arthritis is nothing but joint inflammation, which results in lameness. The dog will find it difficult to get up even.

The walking, running etc will be a very painful affair for the dog. Arthritis problem can be suspected by careful observation of the dog. Only the veterinarian can confirm the diagnosis.

Diarrhea in Dogs

Diarrhea in dog is also very common. Unlike skin infections the diarrhea can be diagnosed easily. There are two types of diarrhea, one is acute diarrhea and the other one is chronic diarrhea.

The acute diarrhea can be treated at home with success and the chronic diarrhea requires veterinary help, hence there should not be any time wasted in approaching the veterinarian.

The Cancer

The cancer [certain types] can be diagnosed with ease at home while grooming the dog. The swelling or extra growth that stays long combined with weakness, anemia, and tiredness can suggest the possibility of cancer. In case the benign tumor, it can be removed by means of surgery. The malignant tumor requires veterinary help.

Ear Infections (Otitis)

Ear infections (Otitis) are very common in dogs. Identifying the ear infections assumes importance in dog health diagnosis. Foul smell in the ear, redness and soreness are the symptoms of ear infections.

The major cause of the ear infection is water trapped inside the ear canal. The other causes are allergies and ear mites. The breeds with long and floppy ears are more prone to ear problems.

Early diagnosis is the key in treating the ear infections of the dog. Hence dog health diagnosis helps the dog owners to save the animals from suffering, is it not?