Wanna worm your dog? It is better to go through some baseline information available in simplified text books and Internet.

To deworm your dog, first rule out the presence of any worm in dog’s body by periodical examination of excreta of dog in a microscope at suitable laboratory. An efficient veterinarian may be approached for this purpose.


Worming your dog needs adaptation of correct dose rates because certain drugs like ivermectin in the form of injection may need assistance from a veterinarian. The same drug is also available in the form of a paste or solution, which may be applied externally on dog’s body by owner himself. Ivermectin is capable of acting against many species of worms and against external parasites also.

Worming against tape worms

Deworming dog related with tape worms or cestodes is associated with usage of arecoline hydrobromide. This drug is a drastic purgative and hence, within thirty minutes, the drug acts in body. However, now a days more advanced drugs like praziquantel is available in the market to take care of the tape worm problems in the dog.

Worming of Nematodes (Round Worms)

The deworming drugs like mebendazole, fenbendazole, pyrantel pamoate may be of useful in the deworming of your dog.

Among worms, remember that hook worms are more dangerous one since they cause anemia which is harmful to the body by weakening of digestive actions.

Hence, suitable dewormer like pyrantel pamoate may be given in such occasions. However, the clinical status of the patient like anemia etc. needs to be taken care of side by side to encounter success during the deworming of your dog.

Broad spectrum anthelmintics are the drugs that can act against a wide spectrum of worms including round worms, hook worms, whip worms etc.

Pyrantel pamoate may be a better drug against nematodes than mebendazole because this may need only a single day -administration. Mebendazole needs to be given daily for a period of three days during the deworming of your dog.

Saving one dog may not change the world, but it will change the world for that dog!

Combination of Worming Drugs

Nowadays Praziquantel is available with other anthelmintic drugs like pyrantel pamoate and febendazole. Such combination drugs are more useful during the deworming of your dogs.

It is to be remembered that the same drug need not be repeated every year to avoid drug resistance of the parasites. Hence, change the drugs depending on suggestions from a veterinarian.

Likewise, repeat the deworming of your dog again on 15th to 18th day from the date of first deworming. Even a pregnant and a two to three week old pup need to be dewormed.

Frequency of deworming

Deworming your dog may not be a routine one for every dog. Depending on the worm burden, the deworming of your dog may be planned. Generally, deworming may be considered once in three to four months or six months.